See, Click, Fix: Rock Hill Road A Possible Hazard?

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) -  This week's See, Click, Fix report takes us to Highway 21 and Anderson Road in Rock Hill, right under the Dave Lyle Boulevard bridge.

Water did seem to be coming out of nowhere.  There were pools of water... Some creeping over easement... Even some stretching for several feet.

And in spots that seemed dry, once you stepped on it the ground was plenty saturated.

We could definitely see traces of water on both sides of the roadway. We even saw some frozen patches and if that's what ended up leaking on to the roads and sticking, we could definitely see how it can be a driving hazard.

See, Click, Fix alert #19136 reads:

"There is always water standing here and with the below freezing temperatures in the mornings, it is very dangerous.  Is there a water main leak??"

Rock Hill Public Works and Utilities Director James Bagley answered that question saying likely no.

"It's probably more of a storm drain issue than it is a water leak," says Bagley.

It makes sense since our area has received more than 15 inches of rainfall.  Which is 5.6 inches above normal.
After contacting Rock Hill officials, they're sending crews to remove water that's still standing.  Since the weather is not warm enough right now for it to dry out on its own.

"We do have a vacuum truck and they're going to try to go out there and remove some of that water today if possible," says Bagley.

Bagley says he's still going to have tests done to confirm whether it's a water leak.  If so, it would be up to the city to fix.

He has contacted South Carolina DOT as well, because improving the drainage in that spot would be the state's responsibility.

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