See, Click, Fix: Dodging pedestrians on University City Blvd.

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We set up shop at University City Blvd., between John Kirk Road and WT Harris Blvd., to see how bad this problem is.

"I have seen that before yeah. Some students don't use the crosswalk," says UNC Charlotte student Mohammed Jalal Hemidach.

There are designated crosswalks for students to use.  But it didn't take long for us to see folks without hesitation crossing university wherever it was convenient.  One pedestrian even texting while crossing the busy highway at the same time.

"That happens a lot," says UNC Charlotte student Cocochanel Williams.

The concerned commuter who wrote to See, Click, Fix says "many street lights are out" on that stretch.  They write, "Students cross there all the time and at night you cannot see them. Someone is going to get killed if these aren't repaired. I cannot get anyone from the city to take my phone calls."

We got Charlotte City Councilman Michael Barnes to answer our call.

He was able to get the ball rolling on the street lights within 24 hours of us contacting him.

"I've already reported it to our staff who will take action with Duke Energy to get the lighting repaired through the area. So a fix is in the works," says Barnes.

He also said money for pedestrian improvements on University and John Kirk Drive has been approved.

It's must needed action whether you're behind the wheel or on foot.

UNC Charlotte student Thomas Horne says, "Considering that we are students nobody wants to be hurt."

Specifically those improvements Barnes is talking about include better crosswalks and sidewalks.

He says anyone in Charlotte can also call 311 to report these kinds of issues.

If you want to speak to a city council person directly about a problem Barnes says they are accessible. That's how See, Click, Fix got a hold of Councilman Barnes... we simply sent him an email. (Click here to link to the contact information for Charlotte City Council members)