Cover Story: Where do the happiest, healthiest people live?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Where in the US do you find the healthiest, happiest people?

According to a new Gallup survey in USA Today, the overall answer is that people living at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, rate at the top of the well being index.

But what about the Carolinas?

Charlotte makes the list, coming in at #62 overall while Raleigh leads the Carolinas at #15.

The survey considers factors like jobs, finances, physical health, and emotional state of mind.

The Charlotte area highest ranking was in the physical health category, coming in at #31, the lowest was a category called basic access which includes access to food and medicine, health insurance, and the ability to feel safe walking at night. There the Queen City rated #101.

Bill Moran was having lunch with his family at Concord Mills on Monday.  He lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  That city came in at #141 overall.

"This area is more upbeat because of all the younger people who are living here, younger families," Moran told WBTV, comparing Scranton with Charlotte.  "Charlotte is more cosmopolitan, Scranton is a little bit depressed because the coal mining industry has gone away and probably older retired people there."

Charleston came at #46, Myrtle Beach made the list at #67.

The survey dealt specifically with what are considered large and medium sized cities and it involved more than 300,000 respondents from all over the country.

Overall the top 10 cities include 4 in California, 2 in Utah, and one each in Hawaii and Colorado.

Holland, Michigan, and Washington, D.C., were the only 2 in the top 10 located in the Eastern or Central time zones.