SCDOT ready to combat snow, treat roads

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - South Carolina DOT is ready to combat the snow and have several weapons to fight with.

The DOT in York COunty has three locations with hundreds of tons of salt, plus tanks in those three areas filled with 22,000 gallons of a salt brine solution ready to go at a moments notice.

Brine is a salt water mix.  As soon as the brine is made at the SCDOT maintenance shop in Rock Hill, it's out the door.  Loaded onto trucks to be sprayed on roads.

"Our main focus is I-77 right now," said Brad Trout with SCDOT.

The battle plan, the interstate is taken care of first, then primary highways like Highway 5 and Highway 21 will be treated.

Then when the white stuff starts falling, plow trucks roll out.

Again the main roads first but for neighborhood streets sidewalks and driveways hard ware stores have you covered.  The last snow storm Newport Hardware couldn't keep salt on the shelves.

"We kept selling out and we had a supplier stocking us up when we sold out we couldn't get enough," said Mike Gutierrez with Newport Hardware.

It would take a lot of these bags to salt an entire street so it's best to wait on SCDOT.

"We're coming we just got to get everything open to get to you first," said Trout.