Eastway neighbors want to expand Court Watch

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Since sending out an email Tuesday, Sergeant Christian Wagner has heard from more than 20 interested volunteers. They want to find out more about starting a "Court Watch" program in their own police division.

"Court Watch" was started in the Providence Division last year and recently expanded to the South Division. Volunteers go to court and help track repeat offenders. They write down information on bond hearings, judges, and records then post it to their website.

Between the two areas, they track about 30 repeat offenders.

Dean Burgos, who lives in the Eastway Division, says "Court Watch" would be a great asset to his neighborhood, but the volunteer time might keep him from being actively involved.

He applauds any neighbors who can help.

He's dealing with his second break-in in four years and says something needs to be done.

"We're definitely being watched," he said.

Now he hopes members of his community can also keep watch on repeat offenders.

One potential volunteer says it would be empowering to help her neighborhood fight crime and to see how the court process unfolds.

"Court Watch" would like to expand to all 13 patrol divisions within CMPD. Their website link above explains how to get involved.