Rock Hill boy raises money for abused dog

By Trent Faris - bio l email

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - Two weeks ago, Animal Rescuers in Rock Hill saved a 10-month-old pitt bull puppy from a yard in which rescuers said she looked dead.
When Dr. Elizabeth Hill at Ebenezer Animal Hospital first saw Hope, she said it would be a miracle if the dog survived.

"I think we got her just in time," said Dr. Hill "She's starting to act like a normal dog, she's about 6 pounds heavier, she's become a little hospital mascot."

While Hope has a new spring in her step, it will cost nearly $3,000 to pay for all of her medical costs.

Recently, 7-year-old Kyle Shirk heard about Hope.  He is a bit of an animal rescuer.  All of his pets cats - Peanut Butter, Grady and Hairy - were adopted.

Shirk rescued his last dog the same day he heard Hope was rescued.

"My dog, Valentine, she died Wednesday," said Kyle.

Kyle saw Hope's story on the Internet with his Mom, Lisa.

"I saw that she didn't have much fur and, um, she didn't look so good, um, so I thought I could help the dog," said Shirk.

Shirk immediately came up with a plan to help.

"It was going to be expensive and he ran up to his room he came down with a grocery bag of money and said can, will this help," said Lisa Shirk.

Kyle spent $36 on Hope from his allowance.  His mother then sent out emails to friends to see if they would match Kyle's $36 contribution.  Friend after friend chipped in.

Altogether, Kyle raised $200 and, now, donations are coming in from across the country.

"We have some emails from Virginia," said Lisa Shirk.

"People see something in this dog and it gives them hope to try and change things," said Dr. Hill.

"I hope other people will care more about their animals because it's like you're not the only person in the world there're other things, too," said Shirk.

Dr. Hill says Hope will be able to be adopted.  Vets think she'll be ready for a new home in about six months.