Controversial company Monsanto moving to NC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A controversial chemical giant is coming to NC, where it plans to start moving its synthetic substances from your your table.

You might know Monsanto Co. as the producer of the copious weed killer Roundup.

Or you might know Monsanto Co. as the world's least ethical company (Swiss research firm Covalence just released its annual list).

But soon, you'll know Monsanto as your neighbor.

The company announced yesterday that it is signing a long-term lease at the North Carolina Research Campus to accelerate its efforts at engineering a bigger, tastier tomato.

It says eventually it wants to improve the nutrition of many of your fruits and vegetables.

But that might make you squirm, because Monsanto has a long history of producing some of the most toxic substances on the planet.

And small farmers say the company has downright poisoned them.

Monsanto developed seeds farmers need - seeds resistant to its own herbicide - which is spread practically everywhere. And then it patented those seeds.

Farmers who buy their Roundup Ready seeds are required to sign an agreement promising not to use them seeds is an age-old practice...Farming 101...but basically the agreement means farmers have to buy new seed every year.

It's breaking them. And when they refuse to throw away a perfectly usable product they paid for...Monsanto sweeps in and sues them.

If you'd like to know more about your new neighbor...tune in at 6pm. WBTV Business Reporter Melissa Hankins will have a full report.