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Yvonne Simons
Yvonne Simons

By Yvonne Simons

I know what successful weight loss looks like.. 6 years ago, I lost 40 pounds and kept it off for 5 years.

But a very stressful work situation that lasted for an extended period of time tripped me up. I gained 30 of those pounds back in a matter of months.

After I moved to Charlotte, it always seemed to hectic to start up again. And, I was disappointed in myself. I thought I learned the knack of managing my weight for good.

So, this opportunity to be held accountable to lose weight in public seemed like the right jump start. Dr. Oz's eating plan makes sense to me. And, my boss is my weight-loss partner.

We have similar levels of stress and stress seems to be a common denominator driving our eating. So... here I go. My goal in this two month trial is to try to drop one dress size.

I think a 1 1/2 to 2 lb weight loss per week seems reasonable. I will agree to the 30 minutes of exercise each day. Dr. Oz says this waist weight.. the belly fat and love handles we all hate are the targets. I started with a ....gulp! 42-inch waist.

The ultimate goal is to get it to 32 inches or less. If I can get it to 37 inches in this two month target time, I will be thrilled. So.. the habits to bust? Snacking on chips, skipping breakfast, cutting back and then eliminating my excess Diet Coke habit, Cutting the fat, and making that daily appointment to get my heart rate going.