Dennis Milligan - You on a Diet

By Dennis Milligan

My goal for the Dr. Oz diet is simple. I want to lose weight because it's the most dangerous health threat I'm facing.

I am a cancer survivor. After surgery in 2005, I've been cancer free. But I've been battling excess fat most of my adult life. The dangers that fat presents are well documented in Dr. Oz's book, "You on a Diet."

Beyond the health dangers, excess belly fat just gets in the way of living. I'm a fairly active person. I love bicycling and other outdoor sports. I've even participated in the Lake Norman Triathlon.

But the added weight makes all of those things more difficult and less rewarding. It's hard to stay up with my skinny, Spandex-clad cycling friends, because I've got the extra baggage. (I'd like to see how fast or far they could go with an extra 20 or 30 pounds strapped to their bikes!)

My long term numeric goals are to get myself under 200 pounds and my waist under 40 inches. Dr. Oz's book suggests that my waist should be 34 1/2 inches. Good luck with that.

I haven't been in that neighborhood since my early 20's. But to be under 40 inches means that I'd be shaving 10 inches off the circumference of my body. I'll feel 100% better, I could keep up athletically with my friends, and my wife might think it pretty good too.