Laura Brosi - You on a Diet

By Laura Brosi

When I saw the news story on WBTV about the staff members following the Dr. Oz diet plan, I thought that it sounded interesting.

Then Kristen Miranda mentioned an opportunity for a viewer to join them, I thought "hmmm, I have tried other things, why not?".

I have much more to lose than Denis and Yvonne and sometimes it feels overwhelming. I needed a good first step and felt I needed the extra support.

Just like others who are dealing with obesity, I have a good knowledge of what is needed to accomplish my goal.Say, perhaps you want to be a decent ice skater, it is not enough to buy the skates and the cute outfit. It would require training and practice...and time.

Sometimes we get impatient with the training because we want the final result now. I hope my time and effort will inspire others to take that first step.

Yes, I know a lot of us have taken enough first steps to walk around the world a couple of times but I have a feeling this is going to be the catalyst to change for good.