Good News: There are still good people

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

VALDESE, NC (WBTV) - Terry Shook thought he'd probably never see his wallet again. He knew it would be impossible to get it back with the $1,600 cash still inside it.

But Terry didn't realize when he lost his wallet in October, that the guy who found it would have a heart of gold.

John Hoffman was driving on I-40 in Burke County on Monday when papers in the back of his truck started flying around. He pulled over to secure the blow-aways, when he was blown away by a brown wallet laying on the ground.

Hoffman never even considered keeping the wallet, even when he found $1,600 inside.

Hoffman turned it all over to the Valdese Police Department. Terry Shook got it all back.

Two guys shook hands over a simple gesture of honesty, and a good example of the good still left in the world.

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