Being organized can actually save you money

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Many of us have made resolutions for the new year, from weight loss to more exercise.  Millions of Americans also vow to be better organized in 2010.

But did you know a more organized life can save you money?

We spoke to one of Charlotte's premiere professional organizers, Carson Tate, owner of Simplicity Organizers .

Tate believes that if we spend just a little time getting things in order we can save money.  Her first advice is to set up zones in your home, "You've got to think of how you use the space and build a system so it supports your lifestyle."

Tate doesn't believe we have to go out and spend a fortune at a container store.  "You can repurpose that Tupperware you have that has no lids.  Organization is about how a space functions, not how it looks."

Ever gone to the grocery store and wondered, do I have enough tomato paste to make this chili?   Tate says there is a lot of savings in just not buying duplicates "Organize your cupboard so you can see everything. It's about keeping it together and making sure you can see everything you have, so you're not wasting time searching and not buying duplicates."

In this New Year, consider focusing on organizing those family bills, think of how much you can save if you never have a late charge again!

Tate suggests you develop a system that is very simple, "Some of my clients put reminders on their calendars as to when bills are due. Or set up three files with bills due the first, fifteen and thirtieth.  You want to be able to find your bills when you need to so you are not playing late fees."

The most important advice to those of you who want to simplify your life is start your project small and keep it up.

Good luck! Here's to the New Year saving your time, energy and money!