Timeline of Marcus Jackson Case

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - So far, former Charlotte police officer Marcus Jackson has allegedly been involved in 6 incidents involving 6 different women.

However, those have come about not in a linear manner.

One woman was stopped twice -- one time alone in one month and once the next month while in the company of a man who tried to stop the officer involved.

In one incident, two women were in one car and allegedly stopped by Jackson. In another incident, one woman was allegedly assaulted during a domestic violence complaint call.

But, it all adds up to 6 different women in 6 incidents.

Confused? If so, here is the timeline according to Charlotte police:

-- Nov. 2: A woman driving her car is stopped by Jackson – she will later allegedly be pulled over by him again on Dec. 29. She reports to police that an officer fondled her during a search that seems to be improper.

-- Nov. 29: The last victim to come forward, this was actually the second that was allegedly affected by the case. During the response to a domestic violence call, Jackson allegedly used his authority as a police officer to unlawfully fondle this victim, police said.

-- Dec. 18: A girl, 17, is pulled over by Jackson when he is in his patrol car and wearing a CMPD uniform. The teen tells police later in the month when she comes forward that Jackson forced her into his car, drove to another location, and she was sexually assaulted.

-- Dec. 28: Two women in a vehicle tell police they are stopped for speeding by Jackson, at about 11 p.m. The women, whose case is announced on Jan. 8, tell police that Jackson told them to get out of the car and they are searched.

A 21-year-old woman is stopped by Jackson on that same night. She later tells police that he sexually assaulted her, after she was told to go to another location after being pulled over.

-- Dec. 29: The woman involved in the first incident (Nov. 2 incident) is allegedly stopped by Jackson and is fondled again, she reports to police. In this incident, a man with her tries to stop the officer and call 911 but he is arrested.

-- Dec. 30: Police announce the first details of the Marcus Jackson case and say that he has been fired and has been charged with various charges. At the time of the announcement this is for the Dec. 18 incident and the Dec. 28 incident involving the 21-year-old woman.

-- Jan. 8: Police announce details of the alleged Dec. 28 attack involving the two women in one car and say they are asking the District Attorney's office to file sexual battery charges against Jackson.

-- Jan. 8: The day police announce details, the sixth victim (who was actually allegedly assaulted on Nov. 29) comes forward to police.

-- Weekend of Jan. 9: Charges of the Dec. 28 case involving the two women in one car are filed against Jackson.

-- Jan. 11: Jackson appears in court to get his bond reduced but a judge keeps it at $423,000. He stays in  jail, but some supporters appear in court to say they are surprised by the charges.

-- Jan. 19: A Grand Jury indicts Jackson several sexual battery counts. Police reveal that the sixth victim (who was allegedly assaulted on Nov. 29) has been affected.