Need info from WBTV? ....There's an app for that!

WBTV on your iPhone!
WBTV on your iPhone!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you need news on the go from WBTV and -- as the saying goes -- there's now an app for that!

WBTV now is available -- for free -- on a special iPhone application (also know as an app). And, great news for Android users too -- there is a free special app for you, too!

The new application allows you to easily find the latest stories and video from WBTV on your iPhone.

To download the application, iPhone users can just just click here.  Or, if you have iTunes, you can search the application database here:

So, don't have an iPhone?

That's OK. WBTV has an app for Android users and a great mobile website for other cell phone users where they can get the latest news, video and incredible weather forecasts and radar images. Just point your smartphone's web browser to

We also have a special icon -- for easy viewing on Blackberry devices: to access it, just scroll to the bottom of the page with your Blackberry and click on the Blackberry icon!

Now, you'll have it for your Blackberry with one-click access!

We are working on a BlackBerry app and are expecting to have a beta version ready later in the next few weeks.