Protecting Your Cyberturf: Keeping in touch with family online

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -- All of that family you saw over the holidays - what are the odds you won't see them again until the NEXT holiday season?

Many of you have resolved to stay in touch in 20-10 - and now it's easier to do than ever.

"Email is okay but it's one way," says former White House Chief Information Officer and White House Cyber Security Expert Theresa Payton. "You have to hope it doesn't get caught in spam and them wait for them to respond. There are so many more interactive live ways people can stay in touch."

Not just Facebook or Myspace - Theresa says there are virtual meeting places for families - and they can be more private than the more popular sites - places like my family dot com and ning dot com.

Or you can combine a twist of old and new communication tools - instead of simply picking up the phone - have an online video phone call - using a program like Skype.

Now our word of the week - it's for all of you who got a digital book reader like the Kindle for Christmas.

The word is "vook" - video within a digital book.

"You might have purchased a cookbook and there's a recipe for caramelized sugar but you've never made that before. You click a button and you can see a demonstration of how to carmelize sugar," says Payton.