Seared Tuna On Sweet & Sour Slaw

Presented by Chef Bill Bigham

Makes 36 servings


Olive oil                         2 tablespoons

Tuna, steak                       12 ounces

Sweet/Sour Sauce, bottled         8 ounces

Slaw                              1 bag

Salt                              2 tablespoons

Pepper                            1 tablespoon

Method of Preparation

1. Gather all ingredients and equipment

2. Cut tuna steak into ½" strips

3. Season tuna strips with salt and pepper

4. Heat sauté pan over a high heat and quickly sear seasoned tuna on each side

5. Remove from heat and let cool

6. Add sweet and sour sauce to the slaw

7. Cut the cooled seared tuna into ½" squares

8. Serve squares of tuna on a small bed of dressed slaw