Volunteers save man's home from demolition

By Yvonne Simons - email & Jeff Rivenbark - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Dozens of people recently banded together to make some major repairs to an elderly man's home in Davidson.

Benny Covington is a retired and disabled mill worker.  His house on Delburg Street was in such bad shape, officials were about to condemn the structure.

Covington was afraid he would have to leave his home and relocate to an apartment.

He needed major help from Santa, but instead, he got lots of help from dozens of volunteers.

"The Davidson Housing Coalition wanted to help, but his [Covington's] home needed more than the HAMMERS program's $5,000 budget could handle," said volunteer Zach Jakob.

Since the employees at Saussy Burbank and JCB Urban Construction were looking for a holiday project, they decided to help Covington save his home.

Rich Doerfler with JCB Urban said it took three weeks for the volunteers to make all the repairs to the old house.

Covington didn't have inside plumbing and the flooring in some rooms was completely worn out.  He didn't have any insulation and no central heating system.


Thanks to the volunteers' hard work, they were able to give Covington's house an extended life and that's making him extremely happy this holiday season knowing he doesn't have to leave the place he's called home for so many years.

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