Good News: Power of Positive Pedaling

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Rod Spence has spent most of his life on the seat of a bike. The 69 year old Charlotte man has also run marathons, he swims and lifts weights.

The bike is kind of special though, it's the machine that took his legs.

Rod had an accident in his 40's. His bike toppled him over into a ditch and the fall broke his back. The fall left him paralyzed, but with a better perspective on life.

The months following the accident, depression set in. But rehab technicians introduced Rod to the variety of activities he could do without his legs.

Now, Rod rides a three-wheeled bike that's powered with the strength of his arms. He also plays tennis, swims and lifts weights.

You should see Rod ride his bike up a steep hill. It gives you a good perspective on overcoming the tough times, and leaving hills in your rearview.

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