Perdue defends I-485 funding

Posted by Zack Smith - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue got angry today when we questioned the legality of her public-private financing plan to finish the I-485 loop.

The State Treasurer's office says that plan could be illegal, and it could be struck down if challenged in court.

When we asked the governor today, she cried foul.  She accused the media of making something out of nothing.

Perdue told us she never asked for the State Treasurer's opinion, told us she never wanted it, even told us it's too laborious to go through that process.  Which is why she says she gave the green light to fund 485 with public and private funds.

The governor told us "Don't anybody dare say that 50 million dollars out of an $18 to $20 billion dollar budget in the general fund and an $18 billion road fund can jeopardize the state. It does not jeopardize the state."

Despite questions over the legality of funding 485, plans to close off the loop are moving forward.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx said last night he expects the plan to proceed.