Claims of Predatory Towing in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Claims of predatory towing in Charlotte.  A group of people say a local towing company took advantage of them, in a very sneaky way.

WBTV's Dedrick Russell has the story.

It was supposed to be a fun filled night with family, but it quickly turned into night of so-called deception and surprise.

Several drivers who parked at the Walgreens on Freedom Drive for the UniverSoul Circus say they were towed unfairly by City Wide Towing.

Each one charged $120 to get their vehicle.

And now they are fighting to get their money back.

Civil rights advocate, and founder of T.H.U.G.,True Healing Under God Ministries, John Barnette is helping the victims.

He says something went wrong when the cars got towed.  Barnette claims Walgreen's surveillance cameras allegedy caught the scam.

Barnette says signs were up telling drivers not to park there, but they mysteriously disappeared.

"Universoul Circus did see on the video the signs were being taken down by someone from the wrecking service," says Barnette.

We talked to City Wide Towing, who says their workers simply did what they were told, which was to tow the vehicles.

Barnette says he is working with the towing company to get the drivers a refund.  But if that doesn't work he may pursue legal action.