BofA might miss 3rd CEO deadline

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If Bank of America's board members can't settle on Ken Lewis' replacement within the next four days, they might ask Lewis to delay his retirement and grant themselves yet another extension, and this one could stretch the process well into the New Year, according to Bloomberg News.

That, though, would be just fine with a growing list of analysts who want Lewis to stay.

At least four external candidates have rebuffed the board's advances, and lawmakers publicly ridiculed directors last week over their leading internal candidate, Brian Moynihan.

All the difficulty is prompting people to wonder if a suitable successor can be found in such a short amount of time.

At least three external candidates have snubbed the bank's advances, and things aren't going so well internally, either. I

insiders say BofA Consumer Banking President Brian Moynihan wants the job badly - and key board members want to give it to him - but late last week lawmakers publicly ridiculed them for even considering Moynihan, who was key in the Merrill merger.

So, now, with just four days left before the board misses its third deadline, the pile of possibilities is still so obscure, only one guy seems to be standing out, and he looks pretty familiar. Could Ken Lewis succeed...himself?

BofA director Chad Gifford might step up as interim CEO, if the bank can't convince Lewis to delay his departure.

But analysts are starting to call loudly for Lewis to stay on, worried that the bank won't find a solid replacement approved by the government who will actually put up such scrutiny.