Crimestoppers: Shootout at the Quick-N-Easy

By Paul Cameron - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Cops often rely on surveillance photos to solve crimes, but those pictures don't always tell the whole story.

Charlotte police have a shooting caught on tape, but they can't see who pulled the trigger.

It happened last Sunday evening at the Quick-n-Easy on Tuckaseegee Road. Three people walk in...soon followed by three more.

"When they went in, some looks were exchanged, some verbal altercation took place," said Detective Wende Kerl.

And that's when the fireworks started.

"You could see on the camera the victim and the two witnesses coming out, then you see the first suspect follow behind, lift up his shirt, pull out a weapon, rack the weapon, and he disappears off camera."

Suddenly, six hits the victim in the stomach...then two more shots ring out, that miss. But it happens off camera, and police can't see who was doing the shooting.

The victim is in critical but stable condition and can't talk just yet.

That's why police need your help to find the woman and two men involved in this shooting.

Detective Kerl says they are all armed and dangerous.

Call Crimestoppers 704-334-1600.