Pregnancy & Unwanted Comments

From Charlotte Parent

It begins as soon as you announce your pregnancy: The unsolicited comments from family members, friends and even strangers about everything from what you should be eating and which hospital you should choose to whether or not you should slip your newborn a binky. And as your baby and belly grow, so, it seems, does the litany of remarks.

Blame your highly visible state of pregnancy. "Your protruding belly literally shortens the distance between you and others, and some people think that closeness entitles them to all sorts of personal information," explains Dr. Teresa Spillane, a psychologist for Isis Maternity Centers, a Boston provider of prenatal education courses.

Others get so wrapped up in the thrill of pregnancy that they spurt out inappropriate (though well-intended) comments when a simple "Congratulations!" would do. But just because you're sporting a bump doesn't mean you can't politely, yet firmly, ask these well-meaning (but tactless) folks to keep their opinions to themselves. Here's how to best deal with the all-too-common, unwanted comments about your maternal state.