Back to School - Parent Survival Kits

From Charlotte Parent

School is back in session, and the routine starts again - carpool lines, after-school trips to and from practice, and sit-down dinners at the family's favorite eatery (to keep quality time together at the top of the priority list!).

But all parents know kids and boredom don't mix. What can be done to minimize the little ones' whining, whether they're in the back seat of the car, at big brother's soccer game or waiting in line at the restaurant?

We've put together three sample parent survival kits that you can create to keep boredom at bay. Many of these items - like measuring cups for digging in the dirt - can be found around the house, or at the local dollar store, and are perfect for keeping younger siblings occupied while the routine rolls on ... in the car, at the field and out on the town. And certainly $20-$25 is an easy price to pay for engaged and quiet kids. Be sure items remain unique to each kit, so everything is new and doesn't get mingled with the same-old stuff in the toy box.