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2 women arrested during massage parlor raid

By Jeff Rivenbark - email

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - Two women who were arrested at a massage parlor in Matthews Thursday afternoon are facing prostitution charges.

According to the Matthews Police Department, detectives recently received information which indicated the women who work at the Hot Stone Day Spa at 11100 Monroe Road were offering sexual favors at the business.

The business advertises as a facility that offers massages.

Undercover officers were able to confirm that men who went inside the facility paid cash in exchange for sexual favors from women who worked there.

"Our community has the expectation that this type of business and this type of behavior will not be tolerated here in Matthews," said Matthews Police Chief Rob Hunter.  "We appreciate the information that led to our investigation. We were able to quickly investigate and arrest the individuals involved in this criminal activity."

Three women were escorted from the business Thursday afternoon, but only two were arrested. 

They have been charged with soliciting for prostitution, indecent exposure, soliciting for crimes against nature, and massaging without a license.  There may be additional charges filed against the women, police said.

People say they knew something strange was going on at the spa.

"I always see men walking in and out never women." Jennifer Winer said.

Police will now review surveillance video taken from the spa. They will use it as evidence.

The question now is will they come looking for the men who patronized the business.

Police say no, but they do have a warning for other brothels pretending to be a spa.

"We might be coming for your business next." Matthews Police Officer Stason Tyrrell said.

This is the second time in two years police busted  Hot Stone Spa for prostitution.  

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