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Sales tax going up

[CG :FS - 3 bullets\NC Sales Tax: Higher on Tuesday\WBTV On Your Side\1\Mecklenburg Sales Tax: 8.25 cents\1\Meck. Sales Tax + Tax on Prepared Food: 9.25 cents\ \ ]

So what's the tax going to be?

[Notes:Reveal Line] In Mecklenburg county-- the sales tax will go to 8 and a quarter cents for every dollar.

It's the highest in the state because of the half cent transit tax that other counties don't have.

[Notes:Reveal Line] If you eat out.. plan to shell out even more.. 9 and a quarter cents.. that's due to Mecklenburg's prepared food and beverage tax.. which comes to almost ten cents on the dollar.

[TAKE: ON CAM]{***ON CAM***} The tax on food you buy in the grocery store.. doesn't change.. it's still at two-cents on every dollar.

[CG :2 Line\NC Sales Tax: Higher on Tuesday\WBTV On Your Side]


When ever a cash register chirps, an automatic cut goes to the state of North Carolina, and starting Tuesday the slice will get even bigger.

That's means Monday will bring a day of reprogramming store computers.


DURATION:0:00]{***SOT FULL***}[CG :2 Line\Tony Hill\Paper Skyscraper]


" It's a quick fix we have to enter the sales tax information, nothing to difficult."


Tony Hill manages Paper Skyscaper, and it's is among the businesses moving ahead with putting another penny on the dollar making Mecklenburg County's sales tax eight point two five precent.

The highest in the state, and the governor says this new revenue stream has needed place to go.


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[CG :2 Line\Gov. Beverly Perdue\(D) North Carolina]


"the resources will pay education, it will help keep the school operating in North Carolina.


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[CG :2 Line\Steve Crump\]

Under the provisions of the tax increase, state lawmakers can repeal it 2011, but when you talk to people who have to cough up the cash they're not expecting any kind of decrease."


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[CG :2 Line\Mary Loop\NC Taxpayer]


" I don't have any confidence that they would repeal something that they would put in place."


Ribs normally take up the conversation at Macs Speed shop on South Boulevard.

However, talk taxes fueled a lunch time debate.



{***SOT FULL***}

[CG :2 Line\Margo Church\NC Taxpayer]


"you've got to pay for roads and schools somewhere."


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[CG :2 Line\Matt Deutsch\NC Taxpayer]


"the money has got to come from somewhere. I don't like it, but it has to happen.

Natz Cash register at paper sky scraper


Tony Hill doesn't expect his customers to complain much, but big ticket items aren't carried in this store.


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"if you're looking at bigger priced items like Tv's, cars whatever high priced you're gonna notice it a little more."


It is a modern day reality, rather than grinning shoppers are now having to bear it.

Steve Crump WBTV On Your Side.

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