PSI Update: license plate office moves

Posted by Zack Smith - email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - WBTV is On Your Side with a Problem Solver Investigaton update.

The license plate office on South Boulevard is moving.  It's the place where customer after customer got the boot.

The strip mall manager booted the car of just about every license plate agency customer in the lot.  It even happened to a woman who looks like she could be your grandmother.  And a woman who was also holding a handicapped parking sticker.

Every booted customer had to pay 50 bucks to get the boot off.

Eventually that guy's tactics stopped because of a cease and desist order -- he was violating city ordinance.

The Charlotte License Plate Agency is now moving three miles down the street to 809 East Arrowood in the South Oak Center.  It'll re-open next Tuesday.