PSI: Roofer abandons homeowners

By Jamie Boll - bio l email

Produced by Jeff Keene - email 

Concord, NC (WBTV) -  Judy Galley needed a roofer.   It just so happened one lived in her Concord neighborhood.   Don Montgomery was the owner of Monty's Construction. 

Many of Galley's neighbors were hiring Montgomery after a spring hailstorm rolled through damaging roof after roof.

"He said he would complete the job within 14 days," said Galley holding the contract she signed with Montgomery.

She wrote him a check as a deposit.  $2200 dollars of her insurance money.  Her bank statement shows the check was cashed the very day she wrote it.

"I've never seen him since," said Galley.

She says no work was ever done.  Not one shingle was taken off her roof.

She's not the only one having problems.

Derrick Burnette lives in the same Concord subdivision, got hit by the same hailstorm and hired the same roofer.   He says he gave Don Montgomery more than $2000 as well.

In his case the work did start, but stopped just after the old roof was torn off.  The top of his house sat exposed for four days.

"Then the storms hit," said Burnette.  "Water was coming in the house like faucets.  I was like man, it's like a horror movie."

Water poured in through vents and smoke alarms, soaking nearly every room in the house.  It left Burnette scrambling to find another company to finish his roof and fix the widespread damage.   He was also trying to get ahold of Montgomery.

"Here he was saying materials are on the way," said Burnette thumbing through text messages he exchanged with Montgomery.

The materials never showed up and neither has Montgomery.

Finding him has proven difficult for everyone.  He did have a business address for a short time near some of Concord's race shops.  The owner of the building says he told Montgomery to leave after a couple of weeks when his rent check bounced.

We were also told he may be staying with an acquaintance in Matthews.  The man who lives in the home told us he hadn't seen Montgomery in weeks.   We left a business card in case he heard from Montgomery.

Our phone rang just a couple hours later.  It lead to an exchange of emails and a promise to work with his disgruntled former customers.

Montgomery who says he is now living in Tennessee blames a variety of things for not getting the work done.   He says he's had health problems, faced weather delays and issues with a subcontractor.

"Bottom line, I don't need anything else from him, but my money," said Burnette whose house is in the middle of repairs.

Judy Galley's home sits like it has since the storm first hit back in April.  She can't afford to get her damaged roof fixed.

"Without the money he took from me I can't hire anyone else to come do it," said Galley.

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