2,000 Jobs to Charlotte

By Melissa Hankins - bio l email

Posted by Zack Smith - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A national non-profit company is doubling the amount of jobs it had planned to bring to Charlotte.  But not before an intense meeting with state officials.

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation planned to bring 1,000 jobs here but somebody screwed up.  NACA was lured here with a sweet incentives package, but the plan had been in limbo for about a week.

State leaders saying Friday that they promised more than they could actually deliver $1.5 million more.

Last week we told you NACA CEO Bruce Marks wasn't sure if he could pull off all 1,000 jobs without the complete incentive package Secretary of Commerce Keith Crisco had promised him.

But now, in a total turnaround, Crisco is saying he will keep to his word, providing a total of $3.5 million in incentives...and Marks is upping the ante.

Now, NACA says it will hire a total of 2,000 here over the next two years.