Stretching Your Dollar... Saving money at college

By Maureen O'Boyle - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - College students all over the Carolinas are learning their campuses, navigating their way through registration, buying their books this week.  Without a doubt, there is a lot to handle.

If you have a college student, it's not too late to make sure they can ace Budgeting 101.

There are three things experts say you must talk about with your student.

First and foremost, they need a budget.  Be realistic about spending, but also try and help your child figure out how to get by with less.

Secondly, warn your child about credit card invitations.  Tell them to say 'no.'

Eighty-four percent of college graduates have credit cards to pay off on top of loans, when they finish school.

That can make it very hard to start their career and can lead to bad credit.

If you student must have a credit card, make sure it is only for emergencies.  Tell them not to carry it around at all time.  These ideas are simple but important.