Friday Recalls

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) --  There's been a big recall of D-V-D players from Wal-Mart.

One-point-five million Durabrand DVD players were sold exclusively at Wal Mart.

The retailer says they can overheat, and some have caught on fire.

No one has been hurt, but there are several reports where fires stemming from these have caused property damage.

They sold for about 29-dollars.

If you have one, stop using it and return it to any Wal Mart for a refund.

Weight Watchers Plush hungry figures and magnets have also been recalled.

Weight Watchers sold nearly half-a-million of these in the United States for between four and seven dollars.

We're told people reported sewing needles left inside the plush figures, posing a puncture hazard.

So far no injuries reported, but still, not good to have a needle sticking out.

The figure is about 6 inches long, and the magnet is a little smaller at 4 inches long.

If you have one, contact Weight Watchers for a refund or credit towards another purchase.