The Good News Is... Stranger helps 91 year old victim

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email    

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Wednesday we told you about a 91 year old Marshville woman who fell victim to a group of con men. A viewer saw that story and it tore him up.

3 men posed as surveyors and charmed their way into Edna Thomas's home. While inside, one of the men stole $102 from Thomas's purse. The money was from a social security check.

Joe Lail saw the story from Hickory, which is 103 miles away from Marshville. Joe called us and offered to help.

I drove up to Hickory to meet Joe. He asked me to deliver an envelope with $102 dollars inside. Joe says the story made him sick and wanted to send the money as a way to restore not only Thomas's purse, but her faith in people as well.

As she accepted the money, she simply said thank you.

Union County detectives still haven't caught the men that pulled the dirty stunt on Thomas. Maybe they'll see this story and sleep soundly knowing a stranger gave back a lot more than they took.

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