Shingles vaccination clinics

(The following information is from Rite-Aid.)


Preregistered Patients Can Receive Help Preventing the Painful Nerve Disease Most Common Among Elderly

WHO: Patients seeking vaccination for shingles

WHAT: Zostavax, a vaccine for the painful nerve disease shingles, will be available to patients who preregister at an upcoming Rite Aid Shingles Clinic. Under state law, this vaccination requires a prescription from your physician. Customers can ask their pharmacist to contact their doctor for them. To register or learn more about who should and should not be vaccinated, call the below-listed Rite Aid Pharmacist/Regional Immunizer. Some health coverage plans will cover the cost. All patients must preregister.

WHERE: 3645 CONCORD PARKWAY Angie Cawa 704-723-4948, CONCORD, NC

14120 STATESVILLE ROAD Erin Rogers 704-875-1606 HUNTERSVILLE, NC

WHEN: Tuesday, Aug. 18 - Appointment times available on a first-come, first-served basis

WHY: Shingles, also known as zoster, is a painful disease caused by the same virus (varicella-zoster) responsible for chicken pox, a common but rarely dangerous childhood disease. Shingles can strike those who had chicken pox, as the virus can remain dormant in a patient's spinal fluid, as well as those who never encountered the disease in their youth. Zostavax is a live vaccine that uses a weakened version of the virus to boost the body's natural immune response. It is used with adults 60 or older and is given in one dose once in a patient's lifetime.