The Good News Is... Say thanks to soldiers

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email    

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's one of the most common phrases in the world. But the thousands of men and women fighting for our freedoms, don't hear "thank you" nearly enough.

Mike Redding is a former TV reporter turned blog-writer. Mike was invited to Arlington, Virginia to cover the funeral of National Guard Sgt. Juan Carlos Baldeosingh. Mike came back to Charlotte a much different guy. He saw the gut-wrenching scenes of a father and husband being buried. He wrote about it on his blog, "Stop and Smell the People".

The article went worldwide and drew dozens of e-mails from soldiers saying "thanks".

Mike and his wife Anna wanted to say it back.

Friday at Noon, the plan is to build a wave of gratitude using the social networking sights, Facebook and Twitter. Mike asks everyone to change their status updates to a message of thanks to the thousands of men and women fighting overseas.

It's a simple task that just takes a few seconds. Mike says the act though, means the world to the people who sometimes feel forgotten.

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