Redrawing school maps

By Melissa Hankins - bio l email

Posted by Zack Smith - email

MINT HILL, NC (WBTV) - Parents in Mint Hill want to know where there kids will go to school, next year.  It's been an emotional issue for years, but tomorrow the question will be answered.

The boundary maps hav been drawn, and redrawn, and redrawn, now more than a dozen times.  The academic future of about 7,000 students is on the line.

Moms and dads rallied tonight, just as they have for months.  This evening, the group of protesting parents sought to make Independence the primary high school for Mint Hill and decrease it's poverty level.  Hundreds of students would from Mint Hill to Butler.

But that action begs some deep questions. Should CMS use student assignment to balance poverty and performance?  Will doing that make schools more diverse?  And how important is that diversity?

Beverly Cannaday is a parent of two and says its important for a school to reflect the community it sits in.  Cannaday says it's all about keeping communities together.  Previous maps have split communities and neighborhoods into three separate schools.

These controverstial boundary questions have been dividing Mecklenburg County for years.  Tomorrow, CMS will make a decision.