Crimestoppers: No hospital lot immune from smash and grab

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A warning tonight for anyone parking at Charlotte's two big hospitals.

Since March, there have been 15 cars with windows broken and valuables stolen at both CMC and Presbyterian.  The latest, just last week.

But police have just goten a break in this last smash-and-grab, and they hope you can help.

"It seems they're looking for an easy target," says Officer Todd Houser with the Providence division.  "He's going to the car vehicles, looking into the window, they're seeing what personal belongings the victim leaves out, such as gps, ipods, wallets, purses, and he's smashing the window and he's taking that because it's an easy grab for him."

Whether it's the visitors lot or where doctors and nurses park, no car is immune, and it's happening in broad daylight.

Now officer have pictures.  Surveillance photos taken from the parking garage show the man they believe is behind all this windshield carnage.

Officer Houser estimates it takes about 20 seconds to break your window, grab your stuff and disappear quickly.  He encourages everyone to make sure all valuables left in a car are safely hidden from plain sight.

If you know anything that could help, call Crimestoppers in Charlotte at 704-334-1600.