The Good News Is... Man befriends Blue jay

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email    

TEGA CAY, SC (WBTV) - You might not believe this story unless you actually see it.

David O'Neil tried hard to let mother nature take its course when he saw the abandoned baby bird flailing around his yard.

But human nature wouldn't let him leave the bird to die.

Its been about 30 days since O'Neil took "Jay" into his home and started feeding him bits of dog food from the end of a toothpick. The retired Army Colonel nourished the bird until he was ready to leave "the nest" again.

With a gentle shove, O'Neil let Jay go. The Blue jay flew off into some trees and the whole story would have ended there, but Jay isn't quite ready to fly the coop.

Each day the feathered friend comes back. Jay sleeps each night in O'Neil's screened in porch. He leaves after his morning feeding, but comes back for lunch and dinner.

O'Neil has documented his entire friendship on home video. He's got videos of Jay sunbathing, eating, splashing in water, and just hanging out.

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