The Good News is... decades later, pen pals become husband and wife

CHARLESTON, SC (WBTV) -- Two pen pals, separated by hundreds of miles, a middle-eastern war, and more than 15 years, have now reconnected.

When Jaime Benefit was 14 years old, she began writing to a soldier serving during the first Gulf War.

That soldier was Jeremy Clayton.

The two became pen pals, sharing pictures and stories. But in late 1990, the letters stopped.

Jeremy says it wasn't because the friendship dwindled. "When we started the ground war we had to destroy all our letters in case we were captured."

Nearly 20 years later, Jaime was cleaning out her childhood room when she came across old letters from Jeremy. She tracked him down on Facebook.

Jaime says she recognized Jeremy immediately. "It was just in the eyes I knew it was him." She sent him a message on Facebook asking if he was in Desert Storm.

Jaime and Jeremy rekindled their friendship, then it blossomed into romance.

The two were married this summer.