The inside scoop from teachers, nurses, bus drivers and PE teachers

Parents, Listen Up! -

Laundry detergent. Check. Toilet paper. Check.
Just as the mother of two and sixth-grade teacher turns the corner and heads for the cereal aisle, she eyes Josh's mom heading straight toward her - most likely ready to corner her into a conference about why he got a B on the latest math test.

No teacher wants to spend his or her Saturday dodging parents at the grocery store ... and there's lots more he or she wishes you knew. So Charlotte Parent asked, and local teachers, nurses, bus drivers and physical education teachers talked. Here are some of their unfiltered thoughts (sarcasm included!) about what they wish you really knew about what goes on inside the classroom, gym, infirmary and school bus.

From A Teacher

Your child isn't perfect
The statement, "He doesn't do that at home!" pretty much sums it up. Many parents simply deny their child could misbehave, or they jump to defend him without knowing all of the facts. Parents often don't allow their child to take responsibility for his own actions. Instead, they offer excuses, and yes, even lie for him. Trust my judgment. Remember I'm on your side, so get the facts about a situation before you react.