Creating successful study spaces for kids

The best way for students to knock out an effective study session is in the comfort of their own personalized study space. But don't let the kids get too comfortable - to create the perfect workspace at home, there are a few things to consider.

Think about who your kids are in terms of their personality and preferences. Is absolute quiet a must, or does some background noises help them concentrate? How easily are they distracted?
After deciding what environment enables them to stay on task, identify where in the house they will get their best work done. The bedroom or upstairs playroom may provide too many temptations (toys, television, Xbox, etc.), but the kitchen table may be in the middle of Household Center and there might be too many distractions. Consider using the dining table or Dad's study. Be sure the study space is well-lit and temperature-controlled - not too drafty and cold, and not too warm and stuffy.