Back to School vaccinations

With the 2009-2010 school year about to begin, time is running out for parents to get their child's vaccinations up-to-date. For rising kindergarten and sixth graders, vaccinations are a requirement, not an option. The Department of Health and Human Services has explicit information on what parents need to know, need to ask and a schedule for kids of all ages.

"There are more than 23,000 CMS students who need back-to-school shots, including Pre-K, kindergarten and rising sixth graders," said Nancy Langenfeld, coordinated school health specialist for CMS. "We need parents to make sure their children are current on all their immunizations before the first day of school, and we need them to bring the immunization records to the school so we have the updated information."

Even if you child does not attend a public or private education facility and is homeschooled, he or she is still required to have current immunizations. Though there are some exemptions made on religious grounds, having proper documentation is required, especially before entering school. Some schools will not allow children attend classes without proper vaccinations and will send them home.