The Good News Is... Truck drivers help mother

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email    

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's a well known fact that most parents would do anything to provide for and protect their children. But what wasn't well known for Latrica Ingram, is what strangers would do to help her in her most desperate time.

Ingram recently lost her job at a Charlotte restaurant. The single mother of a 13-year old daughter put aside her pride and turned to panhandling to make ends meet.

Ingram sent us an e-mail detailing a recent event where her perspective of the whole world, changed.

Ingram was standing on the I-77 off ramp at Sunset Road. She says more than 20 Conway Freight trucks stopped and gave her something.

Some gave money. Some gave water. But all of them lifted her chin up and gave her hope.

Ingram guesses the truckers must have mobilized the effort over CB radio. She sent us the e-mail, not to draw attention to her plight, but to praise the men and women who cared enough to lift up a perfect stranger.