Stretching Your Dollar... Repairing Shoes

By Maureen O'Boyle - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - All of us are looking for ways to trim the fat from our budgets and more people are looking to save on their wardrobes.

Shoes can be the most expensive items in your closet.  A decent pair of dress shoes can cost close to a $100 and, for men, it is even more.

Charlotte's well-heeled shoppers know all about Dan Mauney at Step by Sloan on East Boulevard.  This high-end shoe store has been putting the "sole" onto Charlotte's best-dressed feet for years.

While they are seeing a slight down tick in sales, those who shop at Step by Sloan are making the most of the shoes they have already purchased.

As Charlotte's shoe guru, Mauney says he receives two to three calls a week -- sometimes per day -- from women looking for a good shoe repair.

In a different economic climate, many would just get rid of their old shoes but more people are breathing new life into them.

Mauney's recommendation is Charlotte's newest sensation in sole, Dean's Shoe Repair on Selwyn Avenue.

Dean's Shoe Repair made the bold move of opening in this down economy and the business hasn't missed a beat.  In fact, business is booming.

Mohamed and Holly Mahfoze have seen a steady stream of customers.

"If a shoe is comfortable, it's worth the $20 to repair it," said Mahfoze.

Who hasn't gone to try on new shoes and dreaded breaking them in?  With shoe repair, you save on that initial investment of new shoes and you have shoes you know feel good.

For ladies shoes, it's important to replace the lift, the small hard plastic end on the heel, before you see metal.

To replace the lift, you're looking at spending between $8 - $10.  If you wait too long, there is a little more work and a more cost involved.

Mohamed showed us a pair of men's shoes that had holes in the the sole, both inside and out.  For less than $80, he was able to make a $200 pair of men's shoes look new again.

So, before you buy new shoes for the fall, look in your closet.  Look at the shoes that you already have and see if you can give those old shoes new life.

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