City cans recycling program

Posted by Zack Smith - email

Hudson, NC (WBTV) - Mother Nature is the latest casualty of a sour economy.  The city of Hudson in Caldwell County is kicking its recycling program to the curb.

Almost twenty years ago, the town was a pioneer in curbside recycling. Now that program is gone.

The garbage trucks making the rounds this week picked up a lot of plastic and glass bottles.  Up until last week, most things that could be recycled were.  Almost everyone had a curbside bin and a special pickup came once a week.  But not anymore.

In the early 90's when the program started about 90 percent of the people in town participated.  But in recent years only about half were involved, but the cost of collecting it wasn't going down.

Town Manager Rebecca Bentley says officials had to make cuts somewhere.  Canning this program saves the city $36,000.

If you live in Hudson and want to recycle, you still can, but you'll have to haul it to drop off points yourself.  Officials say anyone who has a curbside bin, can hang on to it, and still use it to recycle things.  And you'll find collection points at all the county convenience centers.