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Here are the comments that were sent in during our contest:

"hi i can remember back when you didnt have doppler radar just the satelite images to work with when clde mcclean was the meteorologist,rember one forecast in particiliar, whic was to be cold and partly cloudy during the night i woke up and found 14 inches of partly cloudy meaning snow in my yard.. i got a chuccle over that did he on air when someone called and reported the same at their house...clyde was my favorite meteorologist at that time.wbtv is the only news station i wath and the only one ever watched in our household.."

-- Jeff from Lenior

"I remember I watched WBTV 3 news in 1970's 1980's and 2000's  and Fred Kirbys Little Rascals in 1970's when I was a young. old Telecable of Spartanburg carried WBTV 3 on cable channel 3. I got  WBTV 3 by analog antenna from my old tv without cable tv from Spartanburg.  I didnot know that WBTV 3 transmitter tower was new in Dallas since 1985. WBTV 3 transmitter tower signal was good to Spartanburg. "

-- William from San Antonio, Tx

"I have great memories of WBTV.  Growing up in Winston-Salem, there were only 3 tv stations at the time, so to fill the dial the local cable company offered all of the Charlotte stations as well.  People like Betty Feezor, Fred Kirby and Jim Patterson weren't just tv folks... they were FRIENDS!  I remember meeting Fred Kirby at Tweetsie and feeling like I had just met the President!  And my Grandmother didn't spend afternoons "watching tv"... she spent the afternoon "visitng with Betty Feezor!"  I am still in Forsyth County and we longer get WBTV in cable so I won't be able to watch!  I hope I will be able to see the special online.  Thanks for bringing back some great memories!  And... congratulations WBTV!"

-- Chris from Rural Hall

"When I was in the 5th grade, all the kids in my Sunday School from church were excited about going to Charlotte to WBTV.  We were going to be on "3 Ring Circus" and get to see Fred Kirby.  The date was November 22, 1963.  My mother had dressed us in our best dresses.  When she picked us up at school, she told my teacher that there was a rumor that the President had been shot.  We were all speechless.  The parents decided to still take us to WBTV just in case it was not true, but it was.  The people were so very kind to us and we still got our goody bags.  Fred Kirby was kind enough to come out and greet us and spend time with us in the lobby.  He talked to all of us and we loved him for that.  No, we never got to be on the show, but our memories of that day are embedded in all our hearts."

-- Cheryl from Chester S.C.

"I have many memories of WBTV over the years, but one man stands out as someone on TV who could do news, weather, and be a part of Sunday afternoons with Fred Kirby as his side kick Uncle Jim on his TV show was the late broadcaster Jim Patterson. It always amazed me that Jim Patterson had the talent to do whatever WBTV Channel 3 ask him to do. He definitely was a multi tasking person that I doubt you would see today in broadcasting. Jim Patterson was a very important part of the first 60 years of WBTV."

-- Brown from Rock Hill, S.C.

"i loved watching the news when melissa greer was there before she went to heaven .and the stories about when she was in the hosptail and about the baby she had the stories was awesome contune the good work wbtv "

-- Michelle from Gastonia

"My favorite memories are of Cloudy McClain. My all time favorite weather man. Bless his heart, he did not have today's technology. Him and his black magic marker; I'm not sure what his accuracy percentage was....But if he said sunny today, you had better take your umbrella. I seem to recall a winter with no snow. School children made him snow flakes so he would remember what they looked like and predict snow.
My husband's favorite show member was probably Betty Feeser. When she started her cooking show it was time to wake up his Mother, who worked 3rd shift. Betty did such simple recipes and kitchen projects. My Mother loved her and never forgave Barbara McKay for replacing her."

-- Barbara from Valdese

"I remember alot about WBTV......
Betty Feezor cooking show, Fred Kirby's Little Rascals, "Cloudy" McLean, Jim Patterson, the First Carousel Parade, PM Magazine, and Bob Bean."

-- Trip from Gastonia

"In 1976, C.J. Underwood had visited our elementary school in Harrisburg, NC for Carolina Camera when the conastoga wagons were there in celebration of the bicentennial.  I must admit my fellow students and I were yelling, "Hey CJ Underwear!""

-- Jamie from Denver

"I was 13 years old and played optimist basketball in Lincolnton at the Recreation Center. Being the only girls team in our league we automatically went to the tournament. To make a long story short, during our first game everyone but myself and one other girl fouled out. We won the game in double overtime and made the local paper. My grandfather call WBTV sports department and told the story and Paul Cameron was at that time the Sports Anchor. Well needless to say my story was shared to the broadcasting area by Paul Cameron. I thought that was the greatest! Thanks for the memory!!!"

-- Stacey from Maiden

"I can remember laying in the floor as a child, while my mom watched Betty Feezer. She loved that woman, and hung on every word! She ordered one of her cookbooks and quoted her all the time"

-- Mary from Granite Falls

"After graduating from Meredith College in 1957, my sister moved to Charlotte to begin teaching.  There she met and married her husband of 48 years and their two sons were born in Charlotte.  I remember, as her younger brother, visiting and watching only channel 3 and the excitement of television in a large city, much more so than when I visited New York City in the mid-1950s.  My brother-in-law was a large fan of Arthur Smith and watched or listened to every show.  I remember Betty Feezor and others as mentioned in the release.  I am waiting with excitement to view the history of the station hopefully to be streamed over the Internet tonight.  "You've come a long way, baby!""

-- Joe from Greenville, NC

"I vividly remember coming home from church each Sunday and watching Fred Kirby and Uncle Jim and episodes of the Little Rascals. I wish today's kids were could see those classic episodes.  It was great family entertainment. 

I also remember watching Clyde McClean and Betty Feezer every day while staying with my Grandma on teach workdays. Grandma always watched Betty and they both taught me an a lot about the basics of cooking. I have my grandma's Betty Feezer cook book and will cherish it always!  I loved Clyde McClean; he was a joy to watch.  I loved watching CJ Underwood and Ty Boyd.  Bob Inman will always be my favorite anchorman. "

-- Amy from Mooresville

"My father-in-law is Clifford Whitney. He was behind the scenes for many years and is now retired and WBTV is the only news cast our entire family watches. We are loving the great memories this evening. Happy Birthday WBTV!!"

-- Valerie from Rock Hill

"I graduated from college in December 1977 and was starting a teaching job at a local High school for the rest of the School year when on a Sunday I saw a picture of myself on the Fred Kirby Show that a friend had sent in.  It was an interesting first day in front of a classroom the following Monday"

-- Rick in Hudson, NC

"I am a southern daughter.  Born in Florida, I visited my Grandmother in Derita who by the way was the personal nurse for John Belk's mother in the early 60's.  I would visit her in the late 60's and sat in front of my grandparents' black and white - I was there for the MOON LANDING IN THE 60'S.   Betty and Clyde were on... I still remember the 12:00 news and their air time.  The Food!!!!   I have married and moved to Mooresville in 1980 - I also cateretd with Gadabouts early in the 90's and remember catering for several of your functions. BOY I FEEL OLD NOW! I will be 50 this November and was only 9 when I flew up from alone Florida that 1st summer in 1968!  This channel was  and has been my memory forever!

Thank's  and Bob Inman, Eric, the late (Clyde McClaine, Betty Feezor), Jim Patterson,  and Eric (during HUGO) We love you and so many others (who seem babies)..   Thank you for the memories!!!!."

-- Bobby and Cyndy from Mooresville, NC

"I am 46 years old and have watched WBTV for as long as I can remember.  I can remember watching Walter Cronkite on the evening news when I was 4 or 5 years old.  I remember the weather being drawn on the map with a marker.  You are the only station I watch for the news and my Soaps.  My Mom passed away in 1997 and she watched you as well.  I am so glad you now have Saturday morning news on.  I wish you had Sunday morning news as well because that means I have to watch another channel or miss the news altogether.  Thanks for all the years, memories, friendly folks you employ, and the enjoyment you bring.

Love You WBTV, Keep up the good work."

-- Marie from Statesville

"I was 10 years old when WBTV signed on the air. At Dallas Elementary School, only a few of my classmate had a TV in their home. During the day, our teacher, Miss Kathryn Lingerfelt, would let us share what we had watched on WBTV the night before with our classmates who did not have access to TV. This now seems amazing that there were so few homes with a TV set. I have so many wonderful memories of those day. We watched "Hoody Doody" every weekday and my Dad and I enjoyed watching his beloved NY Yankees. Of course, each night we were glued to TV for the Evening News which was our window to the world. I grew up  with WBTV and still bake a pound cake with a recipe from Betty Feezor. I remember that in my Grandmother's home, everything stopped when the Betty Feezor Show came on. Thank you for the Anniversary Show. It brought back so many wonderful memories. "

-- Pat from Monroe

"This is a memory about Fred Kirby and the time that I met him. My oldest daughter was about two and a half at the time and she was afraid of men almost from birth. I could not even get her picture taken if a man was behind the camera. The family went to Tweestie and after riding the train we all went into the saloon and Fred was sitting with an elderly couple at a table talking with them. As soon as she saw him she went running over and put up her arms for him to pick her up. I was shocked and just stopped where I was and watched as he picked her up, sat her on his lap and kept talking. When I could finally move I walked over to apologize to him and he just kissed her on the cheek and handed her to me and smiled. I will never forget it."

-- Judy from Hudson, NC

"One of my favorite shows on WBT was Betty Feezor's show on "Top O the Day" or what ever it was called at that time. It came on as I was feeding my firstborn child who  soon learned the music lead in for the show and at 6 months did her own little " chair dance" and was delighted to see her friend "Betty" on TV.  My daughter is now 43 years old, but remembers Betty Fezor still with much admiration, as do I.  "

-- Margaret from Charlotte

"Every night I watched PM magazine at home with my family Monday - Thursday and enjoyed every show. On Friday my family would go to my grandmothers house and at 7:30  we would all  watch PM magazine."

-- Al from Concord

"I watched the 60 year anniversary tonight and what memories I had.  For some time I had wondered about some of the past anchor people and it was so good to know where they were.  I have watched Channel 3 for at least 59 years and I loved it then and the feeling is still the same today. I hope to keep watching it for at least 60 more years (lol).  Thanks WBTV for the great memories."

-- Paul from Morganton

"In the late 1950s, long, long before Doppler radar and pinpoint storm accuracy, "Cloudy" Mclean's forecast was for partly cloudy and temps in the 30s. Well, that night there was a good snow.  Either by phone call, visit or letter a viewer let "Cloudy" know he could come shovel the partly cloudy off his walk.  This memory has stayed with me all these years.  Even now when I see Eric or someone else give the weather that memory pops up.  Better than a blooper!"

-- Diana from Hudson, NC

"Watching Fred Kirby and Uncle Jim every Sunday. It was the highlight of the week, and I wish that it was possible to watch these shows again.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY  WBTV!!!!!"

-- Lynn from Lowell

"I remember watching WBTV since I was very young.  I have always enjoyed all the different shows and all the people who passed through, and are still there. WBTV has always been the first and best, and always feels like family members you want to be around all the time.  We miss the ones who left us too soon, and will never forget all the first and great things WBTV has done and will keep doing.  Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have for everything you do."

-- Abbie from Hickory

"I remember when growing up that Clyde McLean gave a fishing time table report when he gave the weather. You could count on the time he said the fish would bite every time to the minute. When he said we had a 30% or higher chance of rain since some of my family was farmers we would get rain that day in some form. My dad and us kids loved to watch WBTV for the news, weather, and great shows and movies that you showed. Thanks for being a station we could count on."

-- Alan from Stanfield 

"My dad, Bobby J. Grayson, was the contractor that built the first big Channel 3 building. I got to be on 3 Ring Circus, it seemed like forever, for free.    Joey the clown, Fred Kirby and the Professor.  Can't remember the rest. If there may be a photo that I may have from one of the series???  I was just Cathy Sue Grayson then.  I may have been 6, I can't remember.  But, I know I enjoyed being on that show, and it being on TV.  My dad was a very special man. I lost him in 1998 from heart disease.  But I loved 3 Ring Circus so much.  I would love to have something from that show.  We didn't have a camera then."

-- Cathy from Clover

"Some years back, I was watching WBTV 3 and there was a new young girl, Lori Oglevie (sorry if i misspelled it).  I was absolutely smitten!  Though she changed her name on me "Lori Thomas", I watched WBTV 3 every day I could just to see her! I often wondered what happened to her.  It was great to see her on your anniversary show. What great memories.  Thanks WBTV!  And yes, I still think she's cute!!"

-- Alan from Lincolnton

"My mom and I watched your 60th anniversary show tonight and Oh, what wonderful memories it brought back.  I was 4 yrs old when I started watching WBTV and all the old pictures of Doug Mays and the old Esso logo brought back memories.  I have so many I can't write them all down.  I just want EVERYONE who has been a part of WBTV all these years to know how much we appreciate all of you on and off camera. I can't remember when WBTV wasn't in my home.  I worked for Hertz and Avis Rent A Car from 1966 'til 2005 and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you guys when you came to the airport for work and to rent cars.  I remember when Paul Cameron came out with his wife and 6 week old daughter and got to hold the baby.  So many memories, it was so great sharing those again. My mom (who will be 90 Aug. 28) really enjoyed walking down memory lane.  Please let everyone know that they are part of more families in the area than you can probably count and just how much you all mean to us.  YOU ARE FAMILY TO ALL OF US.  You need to think about making a DVD of what you showed tonight but longer. Again thank you all for sharing yourselves with all of us. We could never do without such devoted and wonderful people.  May God Bless you all."

-- Vickie from Gastonia

"I have watched WBTV since I was 11 years old and we got our first TV.  I have a lot of favorite memories, but one person that I miss the most is Bob Knowles.  He was a great anchor.  Love all the anchors now, but I do miss Bob."

-- Gaynell from Stanley

"I remember as a small child laying on the couch and watching WBTV every afternoon after school, especially the afternoon Westerns. Of course Fred Kirby was a MUST watch as I grew up. I remember taking my first trip to WBTV studios to watch "live" wrestling with Big Bill Ward. Now those were the days. I've been a faithful watcher of WBTV for close to 57 years and as far as I'm concerned there is no other station. In later years I had the privilege to be a story on Carolina Camera with John Carter. What a surprise when I got the message that they wanted to come to my house and do a story on my scrimshaw ivory piano keys. Gee, I felt like a star after that. I continue till this day watching WBTV and have enjoyed all of the personalities that have come and gone and that are there now. It is amazing how much has changed over the years with television, but one thing for sure hasn't changed, and that is the great programming that WBTV has always had. Happy 60th and Thanks for the Memories."

-- Richard from Catawba

"I remember as a Child we had Supper at 6:00 pm.  Alan (did) the weather I think Doug Mayes news, or Cloudy McLean.  Now my favorite, Eric Thomas, yes, he will have you watching the weather and glued to your chair.  He gets excited as well as he has the veiwers on edge.  So I really enjoyed all the 60 years and will never forget Paul Camarom on the field at Bunker Hill High School throwing footballs.  Yep, I caught one and gave it to some child.  His face lit up like a GIANT pumpkin.  That made my day.  So I just want to say WBTV, you have been a part of my TV life threw good times and sad times we don't want to mention, even though we will have them in our prayers.  So, WBTV, we Love you and and will support you as long as we live.   Happy 60th!"

-- Cathy from Claremont

"I was 15 years old and worked for Errand Service, a bicycle delivery service in uptown Charlotte in 1953 and would pick up at the bus terminal, the movies shown on WBTV's 11:30 Late Movie and deliver them to the studio in the old Wilder Bldg. Once, I rode up the elevator with Bob Bean. I was Charles Crutchfield's Observer carrier when I was 14. For Christmas that year, he gave me a new wallet with a $5 bill inside. I am now 71 years old and remember those years vividly."

-- Jim from Charlotte

"The Betty Feezor Show."

-- Debbie from Cherryville

"One of WBTV's finest hours has to be just after Oct. 25, 1985, when Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, self proclaimed nomadic Indian guru, was arrested in Charlotte.  National attention was given him and he was said to positively deny any and all requests for interviews.  At that moment, WBTV'S Graham Smith & crew were holding an exclusive interview with the Bhagwan.  WBTV, On your side!"

-- Floyd from Clover

"I used to live below my grandma and stayed with her while my mom worked. Mom and I had no tv. But Grandma and I would clean house, wash a load of clothes, and go to the garden every morning. But we always got home in time for the noon news and then Betty Feezor. Strange how we did that, grandma had no watch. After Betty's show finished then it was time to sew, and cook supper, so when grandpa got home we ate while listening to the news in the living room. On weekends I got to go up and watch Animal Kingdom, and then Disney. This was my life til I started school in 1962. Then when I got home from school I got to watch Mickey Mouse Club before doing homework. So WBTV was my window to the world til I was 8 yrs. old. We lived in the mountains north of Lenoir, so WBTV was only 1 of 2 channels the television picked up. But I son't even know what the other channel was because the tv was always channel 3. We never went out to eat, grandpa bought the groceries, and I truly was the happiest kid alive. I recorded your special tonight, as I work 2nd shift, for the memories and to share with my granddaughter and grandson. They watch the news with me each day they are here. They even ask if they can watch if I forget to turn WBTV on. There are so many things I can say about my memories, but it would take all night. My family and I thank you for all of the memories, tears, joy, laughter, and knowledge. I only hope I live long enough to see your next 60 years. Congradulations. And THANKS."

-- Darlene from Hildebran

"My favorite memory of WBTV was watching Fred Kirby and The Little Rascals. Then I got to go to Tweetsie and meet him at the tender age of twelve.   There was not all the things that our children have today and so I was always ready to watch.  I thought that he was like the president as for a being an entertainer was concerned.  I still have fond memories of racing in my home to get that tv turned on in order to watch The Little Rascals after being at school all day.  What a treat.  Thank you WBTV for being there for my Fifty-nine years of life."

-- Vertie from Deep Gap

"As a small child living in rural McDowell County (very rural) in the early 1960's, WBTV was the only channel my family's TV could get.  Because that was my only conection to the world, when someone ask me where I lived, I told them Charlotte, because that was all I knew!  We still love WBTV!"

-- Freddie from Marion


-- Melvin from Belmont

"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the Anniversary hours last night.  I remember our first BIG TV - an Admiral.  I remember watching Fred Kirby, The Lone Ranger, The Big Top (those were in my younger years).  As I got older I remember all the other wonderful people.  Keep up the good work - I don't need a T-shirt.  I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed seeing the program last night.

-- Barbara from Mooresville

"My fondest memories of WBTV were made in the summers, when I stayed at my grandparents house as a young girl.  My grandmother worked inside the house all morning, but had lunch ready promptly at noon, when my grandparents and I sat down with our trays in the den to watch the news.  I remember fondly Doug Mayes, Clyde McLean and others, but especially Betty Feezor, because it was fascinating watching her prepare wonderful food.  The news was always followed by Search For Tomorrow and the other channel 3 soaps until 3pm, when the TV went off again.  Each day was the same routine.  To date, when I think of your station, I remember those special days with my grandparents, both gone now.  Happy Anniversary!"

-- Jill from Mooresville

"I was young when my favorites was on WBTV. I just loved Doug Mayes and Cloudy McLean doing the news and weather. Betty Feezor was just a wonderful, loving, and caring person. She was the best. Now, Mike McKay I thought he was the best looking man on earth, think I had a crush on him. He was HOT!!!!!!  And Barbara McKay I was just plain envious of her. God those were the good ole days and I just didn't know it. But you guys keep up the great job yall are doing."

-- Vicky from Shelby

"I was raised in Lowell NC and I remember that we always watched WBTV, I can remember Clyde McLane, I used to watch Fred Kirby show all the time, but I think one of my best memories as a child was the tall tower on top of Spencer Mountain we could see if from our house, and I remember when I was very small that at Christmas they used to put Christmas lights on it. My Daddy used to take me outside and hold me up and so I could look at the lights, It looked like a giant Christmas Tree on top of the mountain, and I would tell my Daddy that my big Christmas Tree and he would laugh, I remember when they took the tower down, I felt like a part of my childhood was gone. I also remember Mike McKay, I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks for all the memories.

-- Leigh from Lincolnton

"I have "italian" potato receipe that I saw on Top O the Day with Barbara Mckay.  I loved watching that show.  I can remember staying at my gradmother's house during the summer and we watched every day.  I grew up with WBTV and I have fond memories from all of the great show's.  P.M magazine and Carolina camera were my favorites.  But I still make the italian potatos for my family.  I really enjoyed the special that was on last night.  Thanks for the memories and congratulations on 60 wonderful years."

-- Melissa from Cherryville

"I remember back in the early-mid 1990's I was a pre-teen who enjoyed watching WBTV (yes, I know a pre-teen who watched the news.) =) I loved when the weather team (Eric Thomas) read listener questions over the air regarding weather questions. I remember sending in a question to Mr. Thomas about how lightening is tracked and to my surprise he read my question and his answer over the air. I was sent a WBTV umbrella in the next week."

-- Kelly from Dallas, NC

"As a teenager, my school toured WBTV.  I was overwhelmed by the kindness of the WBTV team.  We were greeted by many familiar celebrity faces.  Doug Mays was the first to greet us and made us feel so welcome.  I also remember seeing the blank weather wall and having it explained to us.  The whole trip amazed me.

It made me want to watch the news, which as a teenager didn't really seem important at the time.  As the years have gone by, WBTV has remained my favorite station to watch. (Even with 300 stations, my t.v. stays on channel 3 most of the time.)

The other thing I remember most was rushing home on Sunday afternoon to watch the Little Rascals with Fred Kirby and Uncle Jim.  Oh, how I long for reruns of that show.  I wish my grandchildren could see the quality of TV long ago.  Fred and Uncle Jim were my heros."

-- Lorie from Maiden

"My Mom and I never missed "Those Were the Years" hosted by Mike McKay.  It was exciting not only because I got to stay up late to watch but Mom would let me drink coffee with milk and sugar.   It was more milk than anything but I loved the idea of it.  She also made triple decker peanut butter crackers to go with it!  This is one of my favorite childhood memories.  I felt so grown up getting to watch all the old shows and drink coffee! 

On Saturday mornings I always watched Mr. Keys on "Easy Street"!  I still remember most of the theme song to that was my favorite! As a kid, I walked around the house singing it so much that my Mom finally told me to quit and to please find something else to sing!"

-- Tracey from Midland

"I remember as as youth staying with my Grandmother on the weekends and every Saturday without fail she would watch Big Bill Ward and Championship Wrestling and sat and talk to the TV as if they could heard her ever word. (at least I think she though they could.)"

-- John from Dallas, NC

"I remembered watching "Top O' The Day" and "PM Magazine".  I enjoyed watching anchors like Bob Lacey, Moira Quinn, Mike McKay, and Barbara McKay.  But I was really sad to see what Melissa Greer and her family went through.  I've really missed watching her sweet vibrant personality during the weather segment-she is irreplacable!"

-- Diem from Harrisburg

"Congratulations on the 60 years of broadcasting.  It is a great achievement.

You do not realize it but you also helped my choral group appear through a special invitation at the White House in Washington, DC and many other places in the US and in international competition at the University of Graz, Austria.

Our group appeared on the noon program with Ty Boyd for many years on Christmas Eve.

We have wonderful memories of that work with WBTV and also of recording there.  You indeed have a special place in our hearts.

Keep up the great work."

-- Doug from Sherrills Ford