Charlotte Crimestoppers hunting a robbery suspect

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Detective PJ Wilson showed WBTV's Paul Cameron surveillance pictures from inside the Circle-K store located on a busy corner next to UNC Charlotte's campus.

Two men using t-shirts or towels as masks pointed guns at the clerk and clean out the cash register.

But one of the bandits makes a rookie mistake, bydropping his mask and the unblinking camera's got him.

"It wasn't great video, but it was good enough we could recognize his facial features."

Detective Wilson says he showed those facial features around to other officers and he got a hit.

"We started getting some intel from officers that work this particular location."

That intel led to a name. Kristian Stafford Green an 18-year-old arrested three times in 16 months. Under pressure from his family, Green turned himself in this week.

"This is the guy who turned himself in, but this is his accomplice and he's also got something over his face? He's got a baby bluish, aqua, we don't know if it's a towel or a t-shirt covering his face holding it with one hand he never dropped it down too far."

"These guys don't look like professional bandits, they've got towels and t-shirts on their faces? No, not what you typically see, they did a poor job of concealing themselves and we're pretty confident we're going to figure out who this guy is real soon, too."

Here's a description of the man in the picture tall, thin, with dreadlocks between 18 and 22 years old.

If you know him, call Crimestoppers at 704-334-1600, you could be eligible to earn up to one thousand dollars.