The Good News Is.... Getting a Fresh Start

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - Less than two weeks after Pak's Martial Arts Center burned down, the master and his dojo are getting a fresh start.

"It's been a lot, been tough huh? It's been tough," says instructor Daniel Pak.

Paks Martial Arts center lost everything when the fire gutted the building 10 days ago.  Graffiti was scribbled on the walls, signs that pointed police to a possible hate crime.

Years of awards including memorabilia from the 1988 Olympics in South Korea was completely destroyed.

Monday, Pak opened a new home and started back teaching classes.

"It took ten days to renovate so that was pretty fast, but it shows how much support that we have," says Pak

The new facility is in a strip mall and use to be a retail store. Its not designed for teaching martial arts, but the help from Paks students helped their Master start over.

"They painted they did everything they put up walls we're so grateful to see the community come help us."

Some students donated time to drive to Atlanta to bring back new matsm, some helped put up the new window decals up outside.

Billy Schultes used his skills of 30 years of working in the drywall biz to help, the reason is a simple one.

Schultes says "You can't ask for a better group of people that teaches tae kwon do and he helps the community a lot."

Master Daniel Pak says their classes don't just teach fighting, it also teaches people to work as a team and help one another and to see that lesson in action is gratifying.

"It's touching to see all the community with all the stuff that we've done for the community they are just coming back they're just helping."