Using July 4th holiday to make lives better

By Dedrick Russell - bio l email

HARRISBURG, NC (WBTV) - The fourth of July around the Queen City is known for its fireworks and for Symphony in the park. But some are using this holiday to fight back. Matthew Ridenhour is with Charlotte Tea Party. His organization will host a tea party at Marshall Park. His aim is this.

"Committed to fiscal responsibility," Ridenhour said. "And changing politics at the local level."

He is expecting hundreds to show up. He not only wants to bring attention to the potential of higher taxes but motivate people as well.

"Get out and do something," Ridenhour told WBTV. "To take a personal responsibility, to make change in the community and make a difference."

While he is fired up about taxpayers making a difference, Roshun Gaddy is happy to have a job. She has a booth at Harrisburg's 12th annual July 4th Celebration. Two years ago she lost her New York city corporate job due to downsizing.

"I've spent $400 getting my resume written and rewritten," Gaddy said. "And can't seem to find a job."

Last year she decided to open up her own business.

"I think I found my niche." she said.

Gaddy creates jewelry and designs shoes and hairbows. She says her business has been profitable. In the midst of a recession and job losses on this July 4th, Gaddy tells me she is celebrating a her new beginning.

"Corporate America is not where it is anymore," Gaddy told WBTV. "You have to be independent and do your own thing."