More people joining forces to have a blast on the 4th

By Trent Faris - bio l email

LAKE WYLIE, SC (WBTV)  Fireworks make the 4th of July holiday what it is, and businesses in South Carolina depend on big sales to make ends meet.  There are concerns fewer people will spend money for a big fireworks display.

Most fireworks sales are illegal in North Carolina.  Every year though, thousands stream across the state line into South Carolina to stock up for the July 4th holiday.  However this year the failing economy could make the boom go bust for vendors in South Carolina.

There are fireworks stores that are open year round like Red Rockets and House of Fire Works in Fort Mill, but Kay Harris in Lake Wylie only sells fireworks two times a year.

"It has started off slower than it did last year but that's because of the economy going on," said Harris.

She says most customers are cutting back and not getting out of controlor buying what ever this year.   Instead she says there's a new trend in buying fireworks.

"They'll pool their money in the neighborhoods come in get something big $3 or $4 hundred some times $500 or $600," said Harris.

That's what Bill Sigmon and his family are doing.

"Several of us bring fireworks and together we put together a pretty good show," said Sigmon.

He says last year he would have bought the big fireworks, but this year he's going for something a little less expensive.

There are ways to put on a good show keeping it cheap and not blowing up your wallet with multi-pack assortments.  The packs range in price from $80 dollars $650 dollars.

For Sigmon, his plans to not splurge this year on fireworks blew up in his face.

"Last year we spent like 60 and this year 90... So you're not cutting back? We're not cutting back evidently," said Sigmon.

A fireworks show is what you make out of it and you're celebrating the birth of our country so you can go with your 99 cents firecrackers or go with the $80 Thunder Down under cannon.