The Good News Is... 5-legged puppy and 8 year old boy

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email 

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - Sometimes the hardest part of being a reporter is when a story falls through too late in the day to turn another one. But, sometimes that's the best part too.

The original plan for Good News today, was a puppy in Gastonia born with 5 legs. We went to the puppy owner's apartment but he wasn't home.

That news was delivered via an 8 year-old boy who lives next door and clearly knows where everybody in the neighborhood is at all times.

Jaquis Smith helped me out a lot today. The boy talked and talked and talked while we both waited for the puppy owner to show up. He helped unscrew every single part of my tripod. He pushed every single button on my camera. Jaquis doesn't patiently wait for anything.

Hours passed until I realized, Jaquis wasn't waiting on the same man I was.

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